Getting to the Ride

You want to fly from the airport of your choice to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Don't forget that your passport needs to be up to date -- NOW would be a really good time to double-check the expiration date!

No vaccines are required for travel to Mexico.

You want to arrive by 3:00 p.m. on November 29th . We'll be meeting for cocktails poolside at 5 p.m., followed by dinner. (OK, that may not sound so special right now, but wait until there's three inches of slush at home seeping into your shoes and the sky is a sad grey color -- a cocktail pooslide with a terrific view of the Pacific Ocean is going to sound GREAT!)

If you want to arrive a day or three earlier (or stay after the official trip is over) I highly recommend it -- just let us know and we'll book the extra nights for you. (But once you get used to living in a luxury resort in Mexico you may never want to go back home). If you add on extra nights before or after the official trip you pay what we pay -- there's no mark up.

The last night of lodging that is included in the price of the ride is the evening of December 4th. Book your flight home for the next day. Again if you wish to stay extra days we are happy to help with those arrangements.