Pedal Mexico

November 29 - December 5, 2023

(See how we dodged Thanksgiving and Chanukah? Clever, right?)

Routes for beginners and experts

Bring your own bike or we will provide you with a free

top quality road bike, hybrid, or ebike - your choice.

Another swell ride from yer ol' pal Glen

Get ready for an amazing ride! When there's wet cold frozen slush on the ground at home, we'll be pedaling where it's warm, flat, and fun in Bucerias, Mexico. (A wonderful sleepy town just north of Puerto Vallarta).

(Is Mexico safe? Yes.)


Fly into Puerto Vallarta airport. You pick the flight/airline/time that's best for you.

It's about a $20 cab ride from the airport to our luxury hotel, including the tip. (That's per car; not per person).

Hang out at our luxury resort hotel -- we'll meet you by the pool. Let us buy you a drink and a snack. Relax!

While we're on the topic -- we have a lot of great activities planned all week, but this is YOUR vacation. Don't want to attend a meal? Skip it! Rather head your own way? Sure!

In the evening we'll have dinner on the beach.  All included in the price of the ride.


Full breakfast at the hotel.

Today's Bike Ride:

Tour de Valle 3.0

This 3 - 3.5 hour ride will take us into the Mexican countryside in the Valley of Banderas (Valley of Flags). Soak in the sites and country sounds as we pedal through some typical Mexican pueblos (towns). In each town we will stop to partake in some traditional Mexican snacks and take some group photos. Post ride lunch at a local Mexican eatery and coffee roaster.

Full dinner out together -- no tourist traps! (Vegetarian? No pork? Got you covered! Just let us know during online registration.)


Full breakfast at the hotel.

Today's Bike Ride:

La Vuelta de Vaqueros (The Cowboy Ride)

Today we will drive to the town of San Juan de Abajo. From there we will saddle up and venture out into the land of Vaqueros (cowboys). From San Juan we will pedal deeper into the Valley and take in vistas of lush farmland framed by the views of the majestic Sierra Madre mountains before heading into the beautiful Ameca river valley. We will end the ride at a local farm restaurant where we will sample birria de chivo and other farm fare. Bikes and riders will be driven back to the hotel after lunch.

Look behind you!


Breakfast is included on the road today because...

It's Taco Tuesday -- On a Saturday!

Today's Bike Ride:


Today we'll trade in our road bikes or hybrids for ebikes for a tour of local tacos... real tacos! (I really don't know why we're spending so much time on this trip seeing beautiful scenery and looking at cool stuff when we could be using that time to eat more tacos...)

Back to the hotel to rest up for dinner (which will be wonderful, but we promise will not be more tacos!)


Today's Bike Ride:

Beer Wine Ole Tour (Evening Tour)

Full breakfast at the hotel followed by... nothing!  Enjoy a free day exploring the town of Bucerias or just hang out sipping margaritas poolside. (Also a great day to get a spa treatment, go horseback riding on the beach...)

This evening's tour is about discovering some of Bucerias's and Mexico's amazing local beers and wines, all the while getting to see some of the town's colorful streets and everyday life.

Stop 1 - We tour past some great landmarks of Bucerias, weaving through the streets to find our way to our first stop - We bike over to the local Cervecería - a new spot in town, slightly hidden, but not for long! Taste test a flight of whatever is on tap for the day and munch on some tropical delights.

Stop 2 - At this stop, the restaurant we have chosen take local product and produce to create amazing dishes. But, we are here to try some Mexican wines that will blow you away. Taste great wine with some beautiful, delicious appetizers.

While alcohol is served at each stop, your safety is important to us. Drink portions are small and spread out equalling 2 drinks over the course of two hours. For your safety, we reserve the right to refuse a guest who arrives intoxicated.


Today's Bike RIde:

The Bakery Ride

Today we will drive to the start of one of our most popular rides that takes us up to a famous bakery in the middle of the Sierra Madre mountains. This 22 km long climb will be worth all the effort when you finally arrive at the bakery. This ride will be fully supported with a follow car and there will always be an option to jump in the vehicle if you prefer. We will finish the ride at an equally famous local farm to table restaurant.


Adios!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist!  I promise not to do it again). Today is departure day. Enjoy one last breakfast at the hotel and when you're ready grab a cab to the airport. (About $20, including tip. This is per car; not per person).

Thanks for a great trip!